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Being on the receiving end of a medical diagnosis is a game changer, a line of demarcation on the timeline of life.

For many, it results in a re-evaluation of priorities, leading to desiring a more fulfilling  work-life balance or even a change in careers. For some, a diagnosis provides a new sense of direction and purpose in life and career.   Some choose to go public with their story, while others choose to manage their diagnosis, symptoms and treatment privately. It’s your life and your story, and what matters most is that your story continues to unfold in the direction you choose, so far as it depends on you.  For those who are interested in coaching, I invite you to consider allowing me the honor of partnering with you on this journey. Having received a life-changing (and at the time, devastating) diagnosis myself, I understand the unique challenges that are created for workplace leaders when life takes an unexpected turn.

The coaching environment provides a safe, confidential and supportive space that allows for exploring different options and uncovering new perspectives.

Please contact me to learn more and to find out if coaching with me could be the right fit for you.